Verifying Temporal Properties of Systems

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Verifying Temporal Properties of Systems

The notion of robustness for MTL specifications can be applied to at least 3 important problems. The first problem is the verification of continuous time signals with respect to MTL specifications using only discrete time analysis. The motivating idea behind our approach is that if the continuous time signal fulfills certain conditions and the discrete time signal robustly satisfies the MTL specification, then the corresponding continuous time signal should also satisfy the same MTL specification.

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Second, the proposed robustness framework can be applied to the problem of bounded time temporal logic verification of dynamical systems. Our methodology has the distinctive feature that enables the verification of temporal properties of a dynamical system by checking only a finite number of its simulated trajectories.

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The interesting and promising feature of this approach is that the more robust the system is with respect to the temporal logic specification, the less is the number of simulations that are required in order to verify the system. Finally, the proposed definition of robustness for temporal logic specifications can be applied to the problem of automatic synthesis of hybrid systems.

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In particular, we address the problem of temporal logic motion planning for mobile robots that are modeled by second order dynamics. Temporal logic specifications can capture the usual control specifications such as reachability and invariance as well as more complex specifications like sequencing and obstacle avoidance.

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Title: A Fixpoint Logic and Dependent Effects for Temporal Property Verification Authors: Yoji Nanjo , Hiroshi Unno , Eric Koskinen and Tachio Terauchi Conference: LICS18 Tags: dependent refinement types, dependent temporal effects, fixpoint logic, higher-order programs and temporal verification Abstract: Existing approaches to temporal verification of higher-order functional programs have either sacrificed compositionality in favor of achieving automation or vice-versa.

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Much of the subtlety is removed from the tableau itself, and put into a relation on the state space defined by the tableau-the success of the tableau then depends on the well-foundedness of this relation. The generalized tableau technique is exhibited on Petri nets, and various standard notions from net theory are shown to playa part in the use of the technique on nets-in particular, the invariant calculus has a major role. All sales are on first come first served basis with confirmation.

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