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Whose side are they on? Whose fool are you?

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Spinrad explores his philosophical theme in a manner all too rare in contemporary science fiction. The problem is that Order will always try to eliminate any random factors. By its very nature, it encourages opposition and that feeds the forces of chaos. But chaos has built in problems as well. Its victories cannot help but feed the forces of reaction, of order. The heroes in this novel ultimately opt for personal freedom.

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The villains try to establish a dictatorship over the very nature of reality itself. And then Spinrad throws in the discovery of aliens. A starship sets forth to meet them, the Prometheus. The Hegemony doesn't like that.

The Agents Of Chaos

Before Spinrad made his name with Bug Jack Barron, his rude, energetic fourth novel, his earliest work had passed without much notice. In this second novel, written in , the tyrannical Hegemony, which has given its citizens peace and prosperity, easily thwarts the small, gadfly Democratic League, with its goal of freedom, but is stung at the heart by the old and efficient Brotherhood of Assassins, whose object is simply to increase chaos in the placid utopia.

Although there is nothing here of the verve, iconoclasm, rock rhythm or mass-media amplification that have characterized Spinrad's best work, the anarchic, id-driven social philosophy underlying this slight pulp adventure is certainly more interesting in the retrospective light of those later science fiction classics.

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Read this dark thriller to find out why millions of people became obsessed with The X-Files. In the spring of , seventeen-year-old Fox Mulder has bigger problems than applying for college.


As he uncovers the truth, Mulder and his friends find themselves on the trail of a serial killer. Sucked into a world where conspiracies, the occult, and madness overlap, Fox Mulder starts to believe.

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