Modern Spanish Grammar: A Practical Guide (Modern Grammars)

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Thank you for the sweet-smelling flowers which you sent me. I love to see the white snow falling on the trees.

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This damned computer is not working properly. Who is that little man sitting in the corner? The little man next door lent me a corkscrew. The first sentence has been done for you. La Escuela Central es barata el Instituto Pax. La Escuela Central tiene alumnos por grupo el Instituto Pax. El Instituto Pax tiene horas de clase por semana la Escuela Central. Las clases en la Escuela Central empiezan temprano en el Instituto Pax. Leonor es mayor que Julia. Use the adjectives in brackets or one of their forms to make up questions and then answer them accordingly.

Translate the following sentences into Spanish. Prague is more interesting from the architectural point of view and it has as many historical monuments as Paris — if not more. The public transport system may be better in Paris, but there are fewer cars on the streets in Prague. More than one position is possible in some cases. Traje un hermoso regalo para Mafalda. Voy a llamar a Antonia para saludarla.

Replace the words in italics with two object pronouns — one direct and one indirect. Write the dates as words. Mis hermanos enviaron las postales a sus amigos. Estoy buscando la casa ideal para mi novio y yo. Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate personal pronoun, making other changes where necessary.

Estoy tratando de localizar. Si ves a Miguel y Juan Carlos di que llamen. Tengo algo que decir Quiero la sal. Te he dicho que me lo traigas. Quiero leerlo. Se lo vengo diciendo desde hace mucho tiempo, pero no me hace caso.

A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition

Acabamos de comprarlos, pero los pensamos vender lo antes posible. Fill in the blanks in this dialogue with the most appropriate pronouns. La clienta 13 14 queda? Fernando and I are going to get married! Of course I said yes. We told them and they were delighted. I will let you know the exact date as soon as we have decided. Pase usted. Fill in each blank with este, ese, aquel, or one of their forms.

More than one alternative is possible in some cases. No te imaginas lo que ha cambiado todo 8. Parece otro sitio. Yo he pasado vacaciones en casa de hermana. Complete each of the sentences which follow with the correct possessive. Puedes dormir en. He reservado vuestros asientos. He reservado. Amalia y Luis pasaron la Navidad con unos parientes. Look at this family tree and write sentences as in the example. How would you say the following.

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En un lugar de nombre no quiero acordarme. My father has two sisters and they live in Inverness. Our house is quite large with an enormous garden — does yours have a garden? My two brothers are married. El hotel nos recomendaron es excelente. Hoy ha venido aquella profesora por preguntabas. Los soldados contra lucharon fueron derrotados.

El perfume me regalaron es muy fino. Fill in each blank space with an appropriate relative pronoun from the following box, establishing gender and number agreement where appropriate. I spoke to a journalist, according to whom the story is true. The girl whose passport was lost could not board the plane.

The team against whom Real Madrid struggled in the semi-final is the one which won the cup. Lo uso como florero. Al comedor. Me lo dijo Pedro. Lo pasamos estupendamente.

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Que me prestes tu calculadora. El cambio de Gracias por la foto que me enviaste. En tu carta no me lo dices. How beautiful! How strange! How funny! How tired I am! How she works! How long is it?

[Spanish for beginners] 57 minutes to learn Spanish grammar

How far is it? How old is she? How do you spell it? How important is it? Fill in each gap in their conversation with one of the following words, establishing gender and number agreement where appropriate. How would you express the following in Spanish? More than one translation is possible in some cases.

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No, no vieron a 4 y tampoco oyeron 5 ruido que les 6 que no me explico. No dejaron absolutamente 9. Trate de recordar 10 lo que hizo anoche antes de acostarse. No omita 12 detalle. Translate the conversation. My friend saw nothing —Were there any other witnesses? There was nobody else in the street.

Read their comments and rephrase their sentences using adverbs in -mente linked to the words in italics. Acepta con gusto trabajar horas extras. Trata a todo el mundo con amabilidad y delicadeza. Siempre llega con puntualidad al trabajo. Siempre ofrece ayuda de manera desinteresada. Do not repeat any. Al menos vino ella. Mi jefe no ha dejado de recriminarme por mi error.

Modern Spanish Grammar: A Practical Guide

Rosa is thoroughly fed up with her job and is writing to her friend telling her about it. How would she say the following? There is nobody I can talk to in the office. It is almost impossible to get to know anyone.