The Art Of Female Ejaculation: How Any Woman Can Achieve the Best Orgasms Through Female Ejaculation

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If you enjoy such videos, fine. Zaviacic, M et al. Zaviacic, M and RJ Ablin. Zaviacic, M. Zaviacic, M and B. As a woman who ejaculates A LOT when she climaxes I literally laughed out loud at the inadequacy of towel on the bed sentiment , let me offer another suggestion on the squirting in porn. Some of it may be due to douching but less than you'd guess. The more hydrated you are, the more turned on you are before climaxing, the more you WILL ejaculate once you've mastered the sensation.

My lover always ensures I'm well hydrated before a romp. It is an amazing release and it makes me sad that more women haven't experienced it and that my dating options are limited due to the men who are afraid of it.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Female Ejaculation

It smells, tastes, nor looks anything like urine yet most assume that is what it is. My wife is a woman who gushes and I love it especially when I am giving her oral. When we first met she was concerned that it would bother me. On the contrary it is the most sensuous experience in my sexual life. Many times the volume is more than a mouth full. She stays hydrated and drinks pineapple juice frequently.

Unless one of us is sick I drink her love juice everyday. If time allows we will do this several times each day, once before breakfast, once after breakfast and several times in the evening. We are both college educated professionals. Until we met neither one of us believed in love at first sight, but it happened to us.

Each day our love and admiration for each other grows. This is one of the many things we do to give pleasure to each other. Our only limit is we do not cause pain for either party. We are a few years on either side of 60 and our love life will make most 30 year old couples blush. We are happy and lucky to have each others love. I would like to encourage all men to do this. Like the other comment I too shoot copious amounts of fluid at times with the necessity for several towels and a protective mattress pad.

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I have noticed the strongest are after drinking and significant stimulations of clitoris and nipples at same time. In fact the majority of times I have ejaculated are when both areas are stimulated. Its for real, my wife has been ejaculating for years but was afraid it was urine.

However it doesn't smell like urine, and even after many romps our sheets don't smell like urine.

Once she understood that it wasn't urine I was able to get her to ejaculate several times in a session and I mean a lot! The secret is to urinate before having sex and then you can be sure that every time that "leaky" feeling happens she knows it's ejaculate, not urine and there is no need to apologize. This new knowledge does many things for us. For one, she used to wait to orgasm until I was done lest I suspect that she was the source of the wetspot. Now she can orgasm multiple times without holding back knowing that it's not just a leaky bladder.

And now we are equals, I ejaculate, she ejaculates. We can each enjoy each other's ejaculate. And when she orgasms she can enjoy the sensation without fear or shame, this is HUGE! Every woman should have this experience and every man should be aware of this. It's is a great source of pride to bring your partner to such ecstasy that she pumps a half-cup of ejaculate all over me! Who needs gay sex, I have a sexual equal who also ejaculates, this is WAY better.

I have always been able to ejaculate, since I started to masturbate - witch I did very early around years old. I just happened to have my hands at that place, and it felt good - so why not Under the first years, I also thought the fluid that sometimes came out was urine, I tried to hold it back and it went fine, because my muscles in there were strong.

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Something wich I can controll there is. When I became a teenager I started to read about what kind of fluid it was that sometimes wanted to come out, and wich I was forced to hold back. Earlier I had thought it was urine, but now I had been suspicious. And when I started to read about it I found out that many other women's experiences was similar to mine. I think all woman are able to ejaculate.

But many are forced to hold it back because of shame. Whats difficult, is that I have to relax for the right moment for being able to ejaculate.

We found a surprisingly high percentage of female orgasms were associated with ejaculation in our research. So much so--that it actually impeded our studying the possible phenomenon on sperm insuck because the fluids are hard to separate. Furthermore-- a lot of women may well have the capacity but not know it. Many report urination-like symptoms but hold back for fear of urinating. However--actual urination under the circumstances is highly unlikely as with men.

What, if anything, the female ejaculate does is another matter entirely! Do any other animals show evidence of it? I am glad you are doing a research about this. I think its terrible that many woman are afraid of "peeing", when the fluid actually is something else. Everyone should be informed about this! In school, I remember we were told about male ejaculation, but no one what I can remember said anything about female ejaculation, despite the fenomenon is well known in history - and of cource, for the woman who experience it in our time.

I too have been a "squirter" for all my sexual life, I am a 44 yr old woman. I knew from the start I was not urinating, and honestly thought that all women did this. It wasn't until I started dating that I was told by men that it was very rare and extremely exciting There have been a few guys who were freaked out by it, but I would just explain it and most were fascinated. I hate having to use towels and bought a special sheet for children who wet the bed.

I have had what I call Super Orgasms where I have squirted across the room, this is extremely enjoyable for me and my partner. I believe the women in porn are doing it because I know it is possible. Friends have asked me to teach them but all I can say is relax and let it happen, there is really no effort involved except enjoying yourself. I do practise my Kegel exercises daily and have been commended on the muscles in my vagina being so strong that I can hug a penis with them.

The science behind female ejaculation | The Independent

I wish more people understood this phenomenon and that women could relax more and enjoy the pleasures of love making. I've had 2 girlfriends that did this in 'copious' amounts. The first one we learned together and were surprised the first time it happened. She relayed she drank a lot of tea that day. We were able to make this happen any time we wanted with g-spot stimulation alone.

I asked a university professor about this in the early 80s and he didn't have a clue. Both girls would drench a beach towel over a long session. Both girls relayed that the sensation is not as pleasurable as a clitoral orgasm and the mess from the fluid is problematic. The squirting flow is stronger than a drinking fountain in my experience. To protect surrounding areas it's important that the 2nd hand cups and directs the flow to the towels underneath or your body.

The 2nd girl could squirt by intercourse alone. Both of these girls were in the period. Although equally active and hundreds of partners since then I have not encountered another girl since.

Married now and wife is 'dry' but multi-orgasmic by clitoral stimulation. I am OK either way but squirting can be a huge turn on. Although 30 years ago I still recall the sensation of warm fluid dripping off and around me as my girl and I had sex on top of a desk in my bedroom. I am another woman who on occasion can emit quite copious amounts of ejaculate--or as the ancient Tantric's referred to it in Sanskrit Amrita divine nectar.