The Boundaries of Modern Palestine, 1840-1947 (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern History)

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Click on an option below to access. Log out of ReadCube. The census of nomadic populations poses a challenge for governing authorities. In , the British Mandatory government of Palestine developed a novel method to enumerate the nomadic Bedouin population of the Negev. By using aerial reconnaissance photography to augment conventional methods, they counted the tents of the tribesmen and marked them on a small scale map. This represented the culmination of years of British efforts to estimate the nomadic population of Palestine's largest administrative area, the Beersheba subdistrict of the Negev Desert, between and The aims of this paper were to chronicle, examine, and evaluate the British Mandatory estimates and censuses of the Bedouin population of the Negev undertaken in , , and , and to compare them with their aerial survey of Bedouin tents in This study brings together a body of primary source material to examine a topic that has not been adequately addressed by researchers, and briefly touches on British strategic interests to invest in this activity.

We assess the importance and accuracy of this mapping as well as its implications for the study of the Bedouin population of the Negev.

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Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. When you say that Jews should be able to live in the West Bank forever do you envision this future taking place in a glorious single state which I am sure would be a bastion of equality and freedom for all inhabitants regardless of religious background? Ethnic cleansing transfer and apartheid should be the rule? Sorry, my mistake. A fairly recent poll, conducted in Arabic, surveyed the opinions of Arabs living in Jerusalem.

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Just drives them all crazy if they think anybody might actually like the Palestinians. Phil once said, if my memory serves, that Zionism takes 20 points IQ away from a Jew. Wait, let me guess. And I bet there are two kinds of Arabs, the ones that know…..

I did not mean, imply or suggest whatever suits your fanicful fancy. Geez, imagine that, actual human beings wanting to live in a first-world country, with all of the economic opportunities for their children… Who would have thought???

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Here comes one Richard Witty, full of syntax!! I bow down to your superior knowledge and wisdom. It is this violent nature that necessitates road blocks and checkpoints. It is this violent subhuman nature of the Palestinians that necessitates caging them in limited spaces. They are just a violent people and their continued repression is a result of their nature, not a cause of violence.

The Jordan Basin: Evolution of the Rules

Palestinian violence forces all of these actions. If only they would accept their limited autonomy and restricted rights like they are supposed to do. Yes, very clearly Palestinians are yearning to live under enlightened Israeli rule.

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They are just afraid to speak out against their violent leaders for fear of retribution. Struggles to end the occupation are all a charade. Give them a chance free from fear and they would all pick Israel. Being somewhat less sarcastic, you avoid answering whether or not Palestinians should be allowed equality and full citizenship in a single unified state given that you seem to believe that Israel should keep the West Bank. Jewish Voice for Peace asked me to make large images for a solidarity action that will take place on Tuesday, November 15th in New York City and hopefully other cities supporting a new phase of popular struggle in Palestine.

I would truly like to learn what that term and its present day usage means for a wide variety of people, especially the good people who participate in solidarity and advocacy movements.

Imagine the ramifications of that. Remember: in territory east and south of the Dead Sea were separated and called Palaestina Salutaris. Palaestina Salutaris was renamed Palaestina Tertia capital: Petra.

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  • The Jordan River did not divide these regions. When the Arabs conquered the area in , they inherited and kept the Roman divisions for over three centuries, so their provinces too straddled the river. The division between Palestine and Transjordan is artificial and wasteful. They have never been ruled as two separate states except during the British Mandate. Before the two banks of the Jordan River were a single state.

    Oh my gosh. When is the Third Temple going up? So many people are waiting for Moshiach and there is nowhere in Israel to accommodate him. Unless perhaps Teddy Stadium. And take all the filthy lies wid ya. Jabotinsky had no role in delimiting the boundaries of Palestine. The territory lying to the east of that line was included in the area designated by the McMahon-Hussein agreement for Arab independence. The British had never occupied Transjordan. Herbert Samuel only left three British officers behind at that time to help administer the area.

    Lloyd George to M. Clemenceau and placed before the Versailles Conference.

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    Hurewitz collection. The relevant extracts are:. Steps will be taken immediately to prepare for the evacuation by the British Army of Syria and Cilicia including the Taurus tunnel. The territories occupied by British troops will then be Palestine, defined in accordance with its ancient boundaries of Dan to Beersheba. The British government had insisted on fixing the borders according to biblical formulas.