The Pathology of Vessels

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HM Practical - Blood Vessel Histology

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The 28 chapters range widely in style and approach. They include philosophical and historical broad-brush surveys such as the history of cardiac pathology and the relation of civilization to heart disease; detailed descriptions of the pathogenesis, morbid anatomy, and manifestations of major cardiac diseases; brief descriptions of cardiac lesions produced by systemic diseases; reviews of experimental cardiac lesions such as metabolic myocardial necroses; and introductions to diagnostic and therapeutic techniques such as electrocardiography, cardiac surgery, and angiography.

Particularly helpful and convenient to have in the same volume are chapters on embryology, gross anatomy, conduction system structure, and gross examination of the heart. McGill HC. Pathology of the Heart and Blood Vessels.

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Blood Flow to the Brain

Henry C. McGill Jr. Learn more. About this book Vascular pathology is essentially based on a transverse, the main basic lesions, this book provides precise multi-organ approach to pathology.

Show all. Vascular ageing Pages Vuong, Phat N.

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Fundamental lesions in vascular pathology Pages Vuong, Phat N. Atherosclerosis Pages Vuong, Phat N.

General Pathology blood vessels

Non-atherosclerotic and non-vasculitic diseases Pages Vuong, Phat N. Vascular trauma Pages Vuong, Phat N. Effects of physical and chemical agents on vessels Pages Vuong, Phat N. Vessels and infectious diseases Pages Vuong, Phat N.

Pathology Outlines - Normal vessels

Thrombosis and embolism Pages Vuong, Phat N. Aneuryms and other changes in vascular dimensions Pages Vuong, Phat N. Vasculitis Pages Vuong, Phat N. Operative pathology Pages Vuong, Phat N.