Weather Radar: Principles and Advanced Applications

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Developers packed it with graphs, charts, and video forecasts for your location. You'll be able to plan what to wear for upcoming trips as well as spur-of-the-moment hikes or walks. With the app, you can look at local and global forecasts for the upcoming two weeks.


If severe weather looms ahead, you can track it with an animated radar map. There's even a feature that predicts precipitation by the minute so you don't go out without an umbrella or protective rain gear. Users love the RealFeel index, which considers factors such as wind and humidity. The index gives you a more robust understanding of what the weather will feel like, as opposed to just the number you see on a thermometer. It gives you minute-by-minute predictions packaged in a digestible way.

Weather information can be very detailed and clunky, but Dark Sky conveys it neatly.

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You can review all of the details of your forecast and choose the ones that you need. You'll be able to get hourly forecasts of projected conditions and temperature for your entire week, with customizable weather alerts available.

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It includes advanced local and global radar maps that allow you to see where storms are as well as where they are going. The information all translates well into the Apple Watch app, which pares everything down to the basics.

On top of that, Dark Sky supports a family sharing setup, so up to six family members can use the app. Of course, we had to include The Weather Channel app on our list, as it's the most downloaded weather app on the market. It'll provide you with everything you need to know about the weather, and at no cost. You'll be able to receive forecast reports 15 days in advance, and you'll get by the hour information for two days into the future. The app covers the basics, such as temperature, wind speed, and storm reports.

Keep an eye out for thunderstorms and hurricanes with the real-time severe weather reports and live radar maps.

Peter Meischner Weather Radar: Principles And Advanced Applications!

The alerts provide useful data for both convenient and safe traveling. Along with the numbers, you'll be able to view daily video content about the weather. Keep in mind that some users have reported bugginess with the program. The Weather Channel app updates often and reads through user reviews, so it's constantly evolving. Weather Underground displays accurate hyperlocal forecasts, coming with interactive radar, satellite maps, and severe weather alerts.

Addressing both specialist researchers and nonspecialists from related areas, this book will also be useful for graduate students wishing to specialize in this field.

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Weather Radar is an assortment of important radar-related topics …. This is a book for radar engineers and weather radar users … interested in concepts of multispectral analysis or polarization or sensor combinations or severe weather systems …. Sections of the book provide excellent discussions of flood forecasting and precipitation measurements in mountainous terrain or in cold climates. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Weather Radar: Principles and Advanced Applications / Edition 1

Meischner, P. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.

Topics in Advanced Spotter Training - Basic Radar Interpretation

ABSTRACT: The constant development of science and technology in weather radar results in high-resolution spatial and temporal rainfall estimates and improved early warnings of meteorological phenomena such as flood [1]. In this research, mathematical techniques were used to find the best climatological Z-R relationships for the Low Coastal Plain of Guyana. The reflectivity data from the S-Band Doppler Weather Radar for February 17 and 21, and May 8, together with the daily rainfall depths at 29 rainfall stations located within a km radius were investigated.

By comprehensive regression analysis, New Z-R and R-Z relationships for each of the three events aforementioned were developed.